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2023 Travels
Baja Questions and Answers

Baja Q and A Parts 1 & 2 Watch the Videos

The Road to Timbabichi

The Road to Timbabichi Watch the Videos

Base Camping Setup

Base Camping Setup
Watch the Video

Jeep Conversion to Camper

Jeep Conversion from Daily Driver to Camper
Watch the Video

Loading up the Jeep

Loading up the Jeep Watch the Video

Owyhee River

Owyhee River East Side, Part 1 & 2 Watch the Videos

Owyhee Canyonlands

Westside Story or Owyhee River Canyon Trip
Watch the Videos

Sand Lake

Sand Lake — Watch the Video

2022 Travels
Deschutes River

Deschutes River — Photo Gallery or Trip Video

Nightly Auction

Northwest Overland Rally — Photo Gallery or Trip Video

Boogie Boarding

Boogie Boarding — Trip Video

2021 Travels
Flint Trail

Flint Trail — Trip Video

Walls of Stone

Walls of Stone — Photo Gallery or Trip Video

Painted Hills

Painted Hills — Trip Video

2020 Travels
Map of Fort Rock Valley

Christmas in the Valley — Trip Video

International Police Museum

On Vacation in Rockaway Beach, Oregon — Trip Video

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