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Luinil comes from the Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien. Luinil is the bright blue star that was created, along with other stars, by Varda (know as Elentári to the elves), Lady (Queen) of the Stars, so that there would be less darkness at the night. Going from darkness to light is part of life's journey and the blue star helps light the way.

Retiring has been like going from darkness into the light for me. I have time to rediscover some of the loves that needed to lay dormant over my working years. Some of those loves are writing, photography and driving the backroads to see what is there.

This site is a place to combine those loves, as well as others, and share them with my friends. Some of the trip reports are from my solo travels and some are from travels with my delightful wife, family and friends.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures.


2017 Travels

September, 2017 — RoFs in Oregon Sea Level to 7,200 Feet

Forest Camp

Forest Camp — Photo Gallery

One of the couples on the Death Valley trip in March were Roger and Susan from Texas. Several months after that trip Roger and I connected on the Expedition Portal forum. He was interested in coming to Oregon and exploring the coast and Cascade Mountains. We decided to create a one week trip around the area and open it up to the entire Retired ol’ Farts group on the forum. Thus the RoFs in Oregon 0 to 7050 feet trip was born. The plan was to spend three days and nights on the coast and then turn inland and come back north along the spine of the Cascade Mountains. Continue

June, 2017 — Expedition to Mordor

Grassy Lava Flow

Grassy Lava Flow — Photo Gallery

It started while I was looking at the posts in the Northwest chapter of the Expedition Portal Forum. “Ghcoe” posted an invitation to join an expedition to the Land of Mordor. Those of you who are Lord of the Rings fans will remember that Mordor was a land broken by volcanic lava flows and earthquakes. The rock was dark and sharp. The earth crisscrossed with fractures making travel across the land difficult. How could I resist. Continue

March, 2017 — Las Vegas, Nevada

New York-New York

New York-New York — Photo Gallery

My trip to Death Valley National Park in mid March was rapidly approaching. Ann was not interested in driving around the parks back roads as well as camping for ten days. The solution we came up with was for her to fly to Las Vegas where I would meet me at the end of my trip. This allowed me to have two extra days to explore the park. The advantage of meeting in LV was that we could drive back to Oregon together. The added bonus was that we would be together for my birthday. Continue

March, 2017 — Death Valley National Park

Badwater Basin

Badwater Basin 282 feet below sea level — Photo Gallery

The end of December Ann went to Texas to visit the grandchildren for a few weeks while I stayed home to take care of the dog and cat. One evening I was reading the posts on the Expedition Portal Forum and found a post from the Retired Ol’ Farts (RoF) group. They were planning a eight day excursion and camping trip in and around Death Valley National Park for mid March. Getting a strong nudge from my inner guide I signed up. Continue

March, 2017 — Yahats, Oregon

Ocean overlook

Ocean Overlook — Photo Gallery

One of our church responsibilities this year is going around Oregon doing trainings for members that teach classes. One of the day long trainings lead us to the central coast area. Since we both like the coast we decided to go down two days early and enjoy the sounds of the ocean and stop at some of our favorite restaurants. Continue

Past Travels
Summer Lake Hot Springs

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Twin Rocks

Twin Rocks