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Luinil comes from the Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien. Luinil is the bright blue star that was created, along with other stars, by Varda (know as Elentári to the elves), Lady (Queen) of the Stars, so that there would be less darkness at the night. Going from darkness to light is part of life's journey and the blue star helps light the way.

Retiring has been like going from darkness into the light for me. I have time to rediscover some of the loves that needed to lay dormant over my working years. Some of those loves are writing, photography and driving the backroads to see what is there.

This site is a place to combine those loves, as well as others, and share them with my friends. Some of the trip reports are from my solo travels and some are from travels with my delightful wife, family and friends.

I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures.


2018 Travels

February, 2018 — Home to Agile Offroad

Aliso Creek Rest Area

Aliso Creek Rest Area — Photo Gallery

There are times that I wonder about the inner guidance that comes through the Holy Spirit. It suggests doing things that just amaze me. One time it let me know that work would be sending me to China. Another time it had me buy a camper van that was located in Atlanta so that I could share the HU, a love song to God, with the owner. This time I was asked to have the camper van converted to four wheel drive so that I could take it on my trip into Mexico. Always willing to follow my inner guidance I made the necessary arrangements and planned the trip to Agile Offroad in Santee, CA. Continue

April, 2018 — El Camino Del Diablo

Barry M. Goldwater Range

Barry M. Goldwater Range — Photo Gallery   Trip Video

El Camino Del Diablo (The Road of the Devil or The Devils Highway) was the link between the Spanish colonies in Mexico and the ones in California. It began in Caborca, Sonora and extended 250 miles through the Sonoran Desert to Yuma, AZ. There is little water along the route and there are many grave sites of those whose timing or supplies were not up to the task. People traveled the route in search of gold, a better life or to trade. Continue

April and May, 2018 — Barrancas del Cobre aka Copper Canyon

Hacienda De San Diego

Hacienda De San Diego — Photo Gallery

Located in the Sierra Madre Mountains of northwest Mexico lies Barrancas del Cobre aka Copper Canyon. The name is a bit of a misnomer it that the area is actually made up of 11 major canyons and seven rivers, not one, that drain the western side of the Sierra Madres. The name comes from the green color of the rock in the area. The area is larger and deeper than the Grand Canyon in United States. The canyons were formed millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions that were heavy with ash. The ash eroded away forming deep canyons and high mesas. The landscape makes travel difficult. The narrow dirt roads wind up over around and down the mountains in seemingly never ending switchbacks. The area is also rich with minerals, ranchos, and wonderful friendly people. Continue

May, 2018 — Texas Graduation and Home

Dinosaur Tracks

Dinosaur Tracks — Photo Gallery

In the middle of planning the Camino Del Diablo and Mexico trips we found out that our granddaughter Imani would be graduation from Tarrant Community College in Fort Worth Texas the weekend after the Mexico trip ended. Her plan is to become a teacher. She is now enrolled at Tarleton State University and will get her bachelor degree in two years. Continue

October, 2018 — Southeast Oregon

Alvord Lake Bed

Alvord Lake Bed — Photo Gallery

Several years ago Ann and I went on a hot springs tour of Southeast Oregon and really enjoyed the area. A friend from Boise posted on the Expedition Portal Forum that he was going to lead a trip to that area the beginning of October. After a quick discussion we signed up to go. Continue

Past Travels
282 feet below sea level

Barrancas del Cobre

282 feet below sea level

282 feet below sea level

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Summer Lake Hot Springs

Twin Rocks

Twin Rocks